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Dear Friend,

We are back with the news from the Cofrancesco family website!

Our research is continuing, as you probably have seen from our website. More documents have been found in the State Archive of Benevento, concerning the Cofrancesco families of Massa di Faicchio, Cerreto Sannita and S. Lorenzello.

One very important document has been found and studied: the will of Ferdinando Cofrancesco (1762-1827), which is published in a new paper of our website.

New records from the local parish churches' archives have been added (and updated) to our family tree. In particular a full family of Massa, strictly related to the Cofrancescos, the Ciarlo family, has been added to our family tree.

First of all we want to remember relatives and friends who left us during the last year.

At the end of this year 2011

we want to remember those who left us.




Simon Cofrancesco (I1971), 92 years old (USA)

December 30, 2010

Nicholas Candido (I0324), 73 years old, of West Haven, CT (USA), son of Mary Cofrancesco Candido
May 7, 2011

Ida C. Bell
nee Cofrancesco (I2064), 87 years old, of Totowa (USA).
May 28, 2011




Frank Morico (I290),  92 years old, of Old Saybrook, CT (USA), son of Maria Josephine (Cofrancesco) Morico
September 13, 2011

Maria Carmina Cofrancesco (I1680), 83 years old, of Massa di Faicchio (Benevento, Italy), November 4, 2011

Martha Kempczynski, nee Cofrancesco (Frank) (I0493),  91 years old, of Wilmington, DE (USA).
November 13, 2011

Cecilia (Cofrancesco) Di Leone
died at 105

Last May 29, 2011, Cecilia Di Leone, nee Cofrancesco (I0125) died at the age of 105! As far as we know, she is the Cofrancesco who lived the longest. She was born in Cerreto Sannita (Italy), and was the sixth of ten children of Alfredo Cofrancesco and Elisabetta Biondi. She went to the United States in 1920. Her young sister Ada is still living in Cerreto Sannita.

Cecilia when she was 102

We will soon publish her biography written by her daughter Joan (Di Leone) Cauwley.




In the last years 31 new friends registered to the Cofrancesco Family website, among which 20 from the United States, 6 from Italy, and 1 from Peru.

Our Family website now has a total of 158 registered friends. You can see the full list here:


Site Friends

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The names of the newly registered friends are followed by "(N)".

From the Site Friends page you can contact any of our website friends.


Visitors of cofrancesco.net

In the last four years, since the website was started, cofrancesco.net have had more than 45,000 visitors, an average of more than 11,000 visitors per year, which is a great result for a family website.

Last December 18, 2011 the visitor counter was:

Cofrancesco Family Tree

In our Family Tree on cofrancesco.net there are:

*    2792 individuals

*    928 families

*    485 total surnames

The most common surnames are: Cofrancesco, Lavorgna, and Mattei.

In the last year we made many updates to our family tree. We added 112 new individuals, 50 new families, and 17 new surnames.

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the Cofrancesco Family Tree:


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Visiting to the place of origin


John Kaye visiting Massa

Last January 2011, John Kaye, son of Martha Kempczynksi (nee Cofrancesco), who died on November 13, 2011, visited Massa for the first time, with his friend Robert. They visited the place where his Grandfather Marco Cofrancesco was born and lived, before his immigration in the United States.

He wrote a beautiful paper about his trip to Massa, which is published on our website.

Thanks a lot grandpa!

by John Kaye

Somewhere ‘twixt Naples & Foggia, or should I say between the rainbow’s end and beyond, lies the little village of Massa—or should I say, Shangri-La.

This little village in Italy, not far from Benevento, is home to around 600 people; about 500 of them are Cofrancescos or related to them, my mother’s family.  Two of her Uncles, Biagio & Giuseppe remained in Massa to head two prominent families living there today.


Read all...

John Kaye

Arlene Cofrancesco Willis
visiting Massa with her daughters and families

Last Summer Arlene Cofrancesco Willis came and visited Massa again, where her Grandfather Clemente Cofrancesco was born and died, after having immigrated to the United States at the beginning of the 1900s. This time she came with her whole family, her husband Michael Willis, and her two daughters, Adrienne and Meghan, with their respective husbands, Jason and Drew.

Arlene Cofrancesco Willis

The Normandy landings...


A peaceful landing to Normandy

Looking for his roots, some years ago Pacifico Cofrancesco started studying the family of Sanframondo, who ruled the Titerno Valley for about three centuries, from 12th century to 15th century. Thanks to some friends living in Normandy, he had the chance to find some documents that connected the Sanframondo family to the family Saint-Fromond, living in the 11th century in a small village with the same name.

This year, for the 11th centenary of the birth of Normandy (911-2011) celebrations were held all over Normandy, and in Saint-Fromond a special official celebration was held, with a concert of medieval music and the storytelling of the newly discovered information of the origins of the Sanframondo family and the relationship between the Titerno Valley and Normandy.

Pacifico, his wife Anna and all the Di Leone family were officially invited by the Mayor and friends of Saint-Fromond to the celebration, and a paper was published on August 4, 2011 on the local newspaper, Sannio Quotidiano.


Pacifico Cofrancesco in the Abbey of Saint-Fromond (Normandy, France)
during the celebration

The page of the Sannio Quotidiano of August 4, 2011

(PDF file)

A recent paper


An American story by John Alling Cofrancesco

John gathered, with the help of Augustine Cofrancesco, some materials about Pietro Cofrancesco and his family. He was the son of Ferdinando and Maria Cofrancesco. He was born in Massa di Faicchio (Italy) and immigrated to the United States when he was only 15.

Pietro Cofrancesco and his children
by John Alling Cofrancesco

This is a brief account of the life of
Pietro Cofrancesco who immigrated at the age of 15 with little more than the clothes on his back. He worked hard, married, and raised two children, both of who went on to college and became successful in their chosen profession.


Read all...

Pietro Cofrancesco

A new paper


The last will
of Ferdinando Cofrancesco (1827)

In the summer of 2010 Anna and Pacifico Cofrancesco found the last will of Ferdinando Cofrancesco (1762-1827) of Massa in the State Archive of Benevento, Italy.

It is an interesting document that gave us the incentive to write a new paper that is now published on our website, which contains the history of an important branch of our family, from the end of 17th century till nowadays...

Ferdinando's Will
by Pacifico Cofrancesco

While reading Ferdinando’s will, it was quite natural to wonder about his ancestors, how he came into possession of the properties he was leaving to his family, and what happened to his descendants, as well as the property. In the pages that follow I will try to answer these questions and trace Ferdinando’s ancestors from Giovanni Donato Cofrancesco (born in 1613 and died at the end of the 17th century) to the time of his death, and then present and comment on the will itself. Then I will review the ownership of the property after his death and the destiny of his descendants, most of which immigrated to the United States.


Read all...

The D'Andrea's Farm where Ferdinando Cofrancesco
died in 1827

More Cofrancesco
Family History here:


Our Family

on cofrancesco.net

Coming soon...


The Cofrancescos of Wilmington, Delaware

All of the Cofrancescos of Wilmington, Delaware descended from one family of Massa, whose patriarch was Alfonso Cofrancesco (1848-1933).

Many Cofrancescos were born and lived in Wiilmington, and many still live there, sometimes with a different surname, such as, Frank, or Francisco, but always originating from the Cofrancescos of Italy.

With the cooperation of a few people, we are trying to put together all the information and photos so we can write the full story of this big branch of the Cofrancesco Family.

Any contribute will be so much appreciated!


Alfonso Cofrancesco and his wife Maria Carmina, with the little Guido, in the 1930s

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012!





May the
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John & Pacifico Cofrancesco




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