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Dear Friend,

One full year is has passed since the last newsletter! And it’s Christmas time again!


In the last year we were continuing improving our Family Website and we made new friends. We lost some relatives, but some new Cofrancescos were born. Usually we have news (not always) about the Cofrancescos who died, but not about the Cofrancescos who were born. It would be nice if you would also send us also the information and photos of the your new born child so we can create a new section for them on our Family Website.


At the end of this year 2010

we want to remember those who left us.




Antoinette “Anne” Cofrancesco (nee Culmo) (I54) 91 years old (USA)

January 30, 2010

Guido Cofrancesco (I1253) of Massa di Faicchio (Italy) 80 years old
April 19, 2010

Nicola Cofrancesco (I1252) of Massa di Faicchio (Italy) 84 years old
April 29, 2010


Giuseppe Cofrancesco (I1680) 78 years old of Garlasco (Italy)
May 19, 2010

Richard A. Cofrancesco (I1346) 66 years old (USA)
July 8, 2010


Rinaldo Cofrancesco (I5) 67 years old

of Garlasco (Italy)
October 2, 2010




Antoinette (DiLeone) Pepe
88 yo, (I0485)

daughter of Nunzia Cofrancesco

November 3, 2010









We added 31 new friends to our Family Website during the last year: 10 from Italy and 21 from the USA.


Our Family Website now has a total of 126 friends. See the full list here (the newly registered friends are indicated by a “N”):


Site Friends

on cofrancesco.net


From the above page you can contact any of our Website friends.





In our Family Tree on cofrancesco.net there are:


*      2680 individuals

*      878 families

*      468 total surnames


The most common surnames are: Cofrancesco, Lavorgna, and Mattei.


In the last two months we made about 400 updates to our family tree, and we added 218 new individuals.



Login and access
the Cofrancesco Family Tree:


Family Tree

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Another Family Reunion


The 2010 Frank Family Reunion

The Frank Family met in Wilmington, DE last September 25, 2010. The Franks actually descended from Alphonse Cofrancesco, son of Marco Cofrancesco, born in Massa (Italy) and immigrated to the USA at the beginning of the 20th century.

Wilmington, DE - September 25, 2010
The “Frank” Reunion group photo

Thanks to John Kaye, son of Martha Kempczynksi (nee Cofrancesco and daughter of Marco Cofrancesco) we were able to add a full branch of our family tree.


John Kaye with his mother Martha Kempczynksi (nee Cofrancesco)


More information

and photos of the reunion

New genealogical data


and photos of Marco Cofrancesco's descendants

A New Paper


A new land for the Cofrancescos

Massa di Faicchio (province of Benevento, Italy) is one of the two most important places of origin of the Cofrancescos. In this paper by Pacifico Cofrancesco, resulting from recent research in the local archives, we show when, how, and why the first Cofrancescos moved to the small village of Massa in the first half of the 18th century...

Massa di Faicchio (Italy) today


The village of Massa
in a map of 1830


Read the full paper...


More additions to our Family Tree


The descendants
of Maria Michelina Cofrancesco

Maria Michela Cofrancesco (I1775) was 19 when she left Naples aboard “Città di Napoli” on June 15, 1905. She was born in Massa di Faicchio (province of Benevento, Italy) on May 8, 1886 from Michelangelo Cofrancesco (I1524) and Maria Nicola Sansone. She married her second cousin Angelo Cofrancesco in Patterson, NJ, and they had many descendants, among whom is Joseph Faranetta. Thanks to Joseph and his wife Donna Faranetta we could add many records to our Family Tree, and soon we will prepare a paper for our website with the story of this branch of the Cofrancesco Family in the USA.


Check our Family Web site for the paper!



Family Tree

on cofrancesco.net



Maria Michelina and Angelo Cofrancesco

Soon on our website...


The last will
of Ferdinando Cofrancesco (1827)

Last summer Anna and Pacifico Cofrancesco found in the State Archive of Benevento (Italy) the last will of Ferdinando Cofrancesco (1762-1827) of Massa. It is an interesting document that gave us the incentive to write a new paper that will be published soon on our website, which contains the history of an important branch of our family, from the end of 17th century till nowadays...

Check our Family Web site for the paper!



More Cofrancesco
Family History here:


Our Family

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011!





May the
spirit of Christmas
be with you all
 through the holidays
and in the new year to come

John & Pacifico Cofrancesco






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