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We needed more time than usual to issue this newsletter because we wanted to offer you something really new: The results of comprehensive research about the Cofrancescos who immigrated to the United States between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The work was difficult and took a long time. First of all there were many mistakes in the transcriptions of our family name Cofrancesco in the immigration records (we found Cepancesco, Capancesco, Cerrandesio and more). We were finally able to identify about 200 Cofrancescos and their wives and children, instead of the 88 listed in the Ellis Island online database. Second, it was important to connect the Cofrancescos who immigrated to the USA to their family of origin in Italy and then to our family tree. We needed to do more research in the Church records of Massa di Faicchio. Finally we were able to connect 29 out of 33 family groups to some already known Cofrancesco family. The US Census records were also used to cross check the information found. In order to better understand from where the Cofrancescos who immigrated came from and where they went, we added some special pages describing their places of origin in Italy and their destinations in the USA. Some statistics and maps have been added that show some special patterns of the Cofrancesco immigration to the USA. Visit our web site following the links below to find out more...


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The Cofrancescos who immigrated to the USA

by Pacifico Cofrancesco and John A. Cofrancesco

Almost all the Cofrancescos who left Italy in the period 1881-1926 chose the United States as their destination. About two hundreds immigration records for Cofrancescos by birth or marriage, who arrived in the United States between 1881 and 1926, have been identified and reviewed.

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Coming to the
“land of promise”




The Immigrant Ports

by Pacifico Cofrancesco and John A. Cofrancesco

Prior to 1820 statistics for immigration into the United States were not officially recorded. Immigration control was not even considered to be a Federal responsibility, and the individual States handled immigration as they saw fit.

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Arrival at Ellis Island

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Be the first to find the answer to these questions in the recently published immigration section. Friends in Italy and Denmark should send their answers to Pacifico at pc@matsci.unipv.it. Friends in The United States, Australia, and Argentina should send their answers to John at cofamily1@verizon.net.



Cofrancesco immigrants came from how many Italian towns?


From which of these towns did most Cofrancesco immigrants call their home of origin?


Most Cofrancesco immigrants were between
the ages of ___ and ___


Who was the oldest Cofrancesco to arrive in the United States and what was his age?


How many US cities and towns were shown as the destination of the Cofrancesco immigrants?


Which state in the US received the most Cofrancesco immigrants?


Which city or town in the US received the most Cofrancesco immigrants?


Cofrancesco immigrants have been categorized into how many “families”?


What was the first immigrant port in New York used by Cofrancesco immigrants?


Excluding New York, where were the other immigrant ports used by Cofrancescos?

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Two winners will be selected. Results will be available in our next Newsletter and, if available, will include the winner’s photo and a mini bio. Winners will receive a copy of Beppe Severgnini's book An Italian in America, in their choice of either the Italian or English edition.

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