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The December Newsletter is here! We are adding more and more contents to our web site, and the number of our site friends is increasing. You can see the latest new registered site friends on the right side of this page. Our site friends list now includes 71 individuals. We are very glad to include friends whose family name is not Cofrancesco, but who are in some way related to our family.

Welcome to all new site friends!


In the last few weeks some special celebrations occurred, including Thanksgiving Day, which is very important for the Americans. John Alling Cofrancesco wrote a short paper about the history of this celebration, including some very nice family photos:

The History of the American Thanksgiving Day Celebration
by John Alling Cofrancesco

Read the paper here...

1953 Thanksgiving Day
John Allingís father, John Cofrancesco





(in order of registration)


Joseph Cofrancesco Jr.

Mary Cofrancesco

Elvira Colafrancesco

Susan Cofrancesco Green

Lisa Gilmore Lier

Kelly Cofrancisco

Renee Cofrancesco

Jonas Petruccio

Adrienne Hopkins

Sandra A. Cofrancesco

Michael Cofrancesco




December 6 was another special day, because it was the day of Saint Nicholas, who is the Saint Protector of the little village of Massa di Faicchio (Benevento, Italy), from where many Cofrancescos come. So Pacifico Cofrancesco, with the help of Anna Di Leone, has collected some traditions and memories related to the devotion of the people of Massa to Saint Nicholas, and put together the following paper, including some very interesting photos:

Saint Nicholas, the Saint of the people of Massa
by Pacifico Cofrancesco

Read the paper here...


The Legend of Santa Claus

by John Alling Cofrancesco

Our legend of Santa Claus is based on Saint Nicolas, 270-343 AD, a Christian Saint and Bishop of Myra in Lycia of Anatolia (modern-day Antalya Province, Turkey). Many generous deeds and miracles have been attributed to him. One of the most famous involved a poor man who could not afford a dowry for his three daughters. This meant that they could not marry and probably would become prostitutes. Hearing of their sad plight, Saint Nicolas, under the cover of night, secretly left three bags of gold in the manís home, one for each daughter. This started a practice of gift giving to the poor in the name of Saint Nicolas, and eventually the legend of Santa Claus. The Chiesa di San Nicola in Massa contains this ceramic tile painting, The Miracle of Basilio, depicting Saint Nicolas saving a young boy called Basilio.


The statue of Saint Nicholas

in the Church of Massa

She left us


Anna Cofrancesco Durso Gannon Clark (I1297) of Wallingford, Connecticut, USA, the last surviving child of Nicola Cofrancesco and Angelina Corona, died on 23 September 2008, at the age of 83. Condolences are extended to the three children by her marriage to her first husband, Vincent Durso, who predeceased her in 1988.



The Travels Page has been improved as well. A list of Cofrancescos who visited Italy in the last 10 years has been added. If you visited Italy and you are not in the list, please send us the information about your trip and we will add it to our list. Some of our friends who recently visited Italy wrote a report of their experience. You can find two new papers in the Travel page, one by Phyllis Masotta Cofrancesco who visited San Lorenzello (Benevento, Italy) with her husband Albert (Al) Cofrancesco in 2007, and another one by Susan Cofrancesco Green who visited Italy last October 2008 with his husband Michael Green:


Our Trip to San Lorenzello

by Phyllis Masotta Cofrancesco

Read the paper here...

Traveling to Italy... meeting Cofrancescos

by Susan Cofrancesco Green

Read the paper here...

You will find In the Travels page some more information about traveling to Italy. Check the link to the Italian Tourist Board and see the review of The Official Guide to Italian Tourism. For Italian-Americans who have been thinking about visiting Italy, and perhaps seeing the towns of your ancestors, now may be the time to make your travel plans. The exchange rate of the US dollar against the euro has improved significantly, meaning that your travel budget will go further. For best value, early spring and late autumn are the optimum times to visit Italy, when the weather is moderate and the crowds at a minimum.


Phyllis and Al Cofrancesco
in Italy

Susan Cofrancesco Green and Michael Green in Italy


Euro to U.S. Dollar Exchange Rate


Our Food and Music page has become
Our Food, Wine and Music page


In Our Food, Wine and Music page you will find a paper by John about the wines of the Titerno River Valley from where the Cofrancescos come:

Wines of the Titerno River Valley

by John Alling Cofrancesco

Read the paper here...


In the same page you can find a new review of a great book about the Regional Italian Cuisine and a link to a website with Neapolitan Music of Yesterday and Today.


The 2008 Wine Festival of Massa di Faicchio

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