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We are finally back with our newsletter! This is issue No.4. During the last several months we have done a lot of work to make our web site more accessible and interesting.

Our web site has a new look!

We have changed the organization of the content to make it easier to navigate and added some new material.  When you enter the site you will see a welcome page just as before, and by clicking on one of the small flags you can select the Italian or English language. Much of the material appears in both languages. Additional material will be translated as time permits.

You can see the revised organization of the web site in the new Site Contents page.

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Some of our American friends have asked for information about how to best visit the places in Italy where our ancestors once lived, so John A. Cofrancesco has written a paper on arranging a trip to Italy, and more specifically, the towns of the Titerno River Valley.

A Travel Guide to visit the Home of our Ancestors

If you are an Italian American who has never been to Italy you are in for a treat. Many people consider Italy to be among the most beautiful and historically significant countries in the world. And even if you have been to Italy before, there is nothing like a return trip to visit the birthplace of the Cofrancescos, San Lorenzello, and the nearby towns in the Province of Benevento, particularly if you have been fortunate enough to have established contact with a relative in the area.


Basilca of St. Peter’s  in Rome at midnight






The Marchese Agriturismo
at Massa di Faicchio
(Benevento, Italy)

A new
Cofrancesco Bed & Breakfast
will open soon
in Massa di Faicchio
(Benevento, Italy)

More information coming soon
in our next newsletters.


As announced in the previous newsletter as a work in progress, the paper about Umberto Cofrancesco’s experience in the Second World War has finally been completed. It was a major undertaking to collect all of the necessary information, documents, and photographs; to write the paper itself in Italian; and finally to translate it into English. We hope you will enjoy reading the paper and come to appreciate the effort required to document the life of one of our relatives. The paper was written by Pacifico Cofrancesco and translated into English with the assistance of John A. Cofrancesco.


Umberto’s War

In the Cofrancesco family, the name Umberto is quite common, particularly in the last generation. But the Umberto Cofrancesco – son of Lorenzo, captured at Bardia and prisoner of war in Australia as cited in a “Service and Casualty Form” that Ivan found - did not match any of the known Umberto Cofrancescos, living or dead. Our research did not provide any useful results.


Umberto Cofrancesco
was a telegraphist in the
Italian Army

during the Second World War

An Italian Wedding


The photo story of an Italian wedding has been added to our web site. Tiziano Cofrancesco (I176), who lives in Garlasco (province of Pavia, Italy) married Anna Sabella on September 6, 2008.


Check out their photo story. and their web site.

Anna and Tiziano

Twenty-Three Additions to Our Family Tree


Arthur Cofrancesco, the son of Simone Cofrancesco (I1187), along with his wife, their son Simon and his wife, their four children, Sandra, Simon, Susan, and Steven, their spouses, and their eleven children were recently added to the Cofrancesco Family Tree. Photographs and mini-bios are included. Take a look. There are now 886 Cofrancescos in our database!




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Paul William Cofrancesco (I0321) lives in Caldwell, New Jersey, USA with his wife and two children. He did his undergraduate work in Graphic Design at the University of Maryland and his graduate work in Computer Graphics-Interactive Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has 20 years of experience in e-commerce, user interface, and visual design. Paul made a business trip to the Island of Sicily several years ago, and in 2005 vacationed on the Italian mainland, where he met Anna Di Leone in Massa di Faicchio. Read more about Paul in the Cofrancesco Family Tree and his website, www.paulco.net. Paul would like to communicate with other Site Friends. Drop him an email.


Site Friends are welcome to appear in future Newsletters. Just send a photograph and mini-bio to the site administrator, Pacifico Cofrancesco..



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As usual, thanks to John for the contributions  to  the text of this newsletter.

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