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Here we are with our third newsletter! This month a beautiful paper, with an accompanying photo album, written by John A. Cofrancesco about his trip to Italy, has been added to our web site. The paper and the photo album have been translated into Italian, and are available in PDF format for easy downloading and printing. Check it out!





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A Visit to the Home of our Ancestors

As the 19:50 Trenitalia from Naples approached our destination station of Telese-Cerreto my thoughts were of how it all began in 1994 with the purchase of a certificate providing a brief, and as I was to later learn, erroneous history of the Cofrancesco surname.  This was the start of my efforts to learn more about my Italian ancestors.


John Cofrancesco at Massa di Faicchio (Benevento, Italy)
and the other American Cofrancescos with the Di Leone family



The Mount Acero
Generations of Cofrancescos have grown up with this special mountain in their eyes...

St. Nicholas Church in Massa
where many Cofrancescos has been baptized and married.

“It’s a Small World after All”


In “The Origin of the Cofrancesco Family” an Umberto Cofrancesco is cited as the first Cofrancesco to set foot on Australian soil (as a prisoner of war). Recently through a chance encounter in a beauty parlor, we have met his daughter Giuseppina, who lives in San Lorenzello. She has provided us with information from her father’s diary as well as photographs and letters. This information will form the core of a paper that Pacifico will write which traces Umberto’s war experience and travels across four continents. It will be published on the website.


Welcome New Members of our Family Tree

We have established contact with the Cofrancescos of Sparta, New Jersey, USA, who are famous for their work with quarter horses, and have linked them to our family tree. We have also established contact with a Mattei family in Rochester, New York, USA, with Cofrancesco ancestors.

Umberto Cofrancesco
was a telegraphist in the
Italian Army

during the Second World War

Family Reunion Cancelled

The Cofrancesco family reunion in Connecticut, USA, as announced in the last newsletter, has unfortunately been cancelled. It will be held next summer. Watch for future announcements.




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A Beginners Guide for Searching our Family Tree

If you received this newsletter your name is most likely in our web site database. 

v     To find your name, first go to

v     On the home page near the top center, select the link “Family Tree”. A new page will load.

v     In the row of icons in the center of the page, roll your mouse over “Lists”. Then select “Individual List”.

v     Now select the letter to find your surname and then select a letter to find your given name.

v     Select your full name and your Personal Facts and Details page should appear. You can now review all your information on the site. Please, notice that you can read information about living persons only if you are a registered user of our web site and logged-in first.

v     Next select any of your relatives by clicking on their name to see their Personal Facts and Details page.

v     If you find any errors or wish to add names of other relatives, dates, a mini bio, photographs, etc. just email the information to the site administrator. We need your help to make our web site as complete and accurate as possible!



As an illustration of what is possible search for John’s grandfather, Nicola Cofrancesco (I1188) and review all that is available for him, his ancestors, and his descendants.



You can also find out how you are related to anyone else in the site. You will need your Individual Identifier (INDI), which appeared when you searched for your name, as well as the INDI of the other person. To find your relationship to the patriarch of most Cofrancescos, Giovanni Donato Colafrancesco (I79)


v     Select the Family Tree, as above.

v     In the row of icons in the center of the page, roll your mouse over “Charts”. Then select “Relationship Chart”.

v     Now simply enter your identification number and the one for Giovanni Donato (I79).

v     Select View and the chart will appear.

Have fun seeing how relatives relate to one another!






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Buried Treasures

Do a little digging at our site and find some buried treasures!  After opening our site go to Main Menu, Our Land, The way to America.  This will display links to four sites with some fascinating photographs and information about Italian immigration to the United States.  If you are aware of other sites that would be of interest to our registered users please email the information to Pacifico, Site Administrator.




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Thanks to John for most of the text of this newsletter.

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