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Dear Friend,

As promised, we are sending you the second issue of the periodic newsletter of the Cofrancesco Family web site, cofrancesco.net. We are a little late in its publication due to the time required to include a new paper about our family history in our web site. This paper proved to be quite difficult to prepare. We must thank John A. Cofrancesco for his great job in translating the text into English, and also for giving very useful contributions to the content of the paper.

You will find the on-line version of the new paper by clicking the following link:

The Origin of the Cofrancesco Family

The paper traces the genealogy of the Cofrancescos from the 16th century to the present, with an accurate analysis of the available records of the Parish Archives of the churches of the Titerno Valley and the documents found in the State Archives of Benevento and Naples. In particular, the common origin of all current Cofrancesco families around the world is highlighted.

By clicking on the highlighted names found throughout the on-line version of the paper, you will be connected directly to the family tree database. You will also find a PDF formatted version of the paper, ready to be downloaded and printed. This new paper complements the paper about the family name (The Origin of the Surname Cofrancesco) which was previously included in our web site, as mentioned in our first newsletter.


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discover other online resources:


     Our Land

The Titerno Valley
from a satellite

S. Lorenzello and Cerreto in the Titerno Valley


As you will see, in the last month the number of friends of our web site has increased. Last month John was able to contact some Cofrancescos from South America. Oscar Cofrancesco is the first registered friend of our site from South America.

Bienvenido Oscar Cofrancesco!


He lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His grandfather Lorenzo immigrated to Argentina around 1890. His family originated in San Lorenzello. Now we are doing some research to try and connect them to the Cofrancesco family tree. John is also in contact with another Cofrancesco from Argentina, Fernando, who lives in San Salvador de Jujuy. Thanks to John, Fernando and Oscar discovered they are related. Nora Cofrancesco, a sister of Fernando, has also been identified. So welcome to them and their families. (Maybe we should try to have a Spanish version of our web site!)


Cofrancesco Family Reunion

Lou and Patty Cofrancesco will hold their 3rd Annual Cofrancesco Family Reunion at the Carousel Pavilion, Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven, Connecticut, on Sunday August 3rd, 2008. Festivities will start at noon and all Cofrancescos are invited.

For information and reservations contact Lou Cofrancesco at: loucof@sbcglobal.net

Information on the park can be found at:

2007 Cofrancesco Family Reunion in New Haven , Connecticut, USA


New version of the Family Tree software

The Cofrancesco Family Tree software has been greatly improved. We are now using the latest version of the family tree software and a better integration with cofrancesco.net web site has been accomplished. Now with just one username and password you can enter both sites.

Version 4.1.5

Did you know?
by John A. Cofrancesco

Did you know... that our web site contains 400 surnames and 2279 individuals, with more than 600 Cofrancescos (including Colafrancescos, Franciscos, and other variations of the surname)?


Did you know... that the patriarch of our family has been traced to an individual who was born in the mid 1500s?


Did you know... that based upon our website, the first Cofrancesco to immigrate to the United States did so in 1889, 3 years before the immigration station on Ellis Island was first opened?


Did you know... that 88 Cofrancescos arrived at the New York Immigration station on Ellis Island between 1893 and 1920?


Did you know... that over 700 individuals bearing the Cofrancesco name currently live in the United States?


Did you know... that at least three Cofrancesco families are currently living in Argentina?


Did you know... you can see if any two individuals in the database are related, and generate a relationship chart that details their relationship?


Did you know... that the first Cofrancesco family to immigrate to Australia did so some 50 years ago?


Did you know... that the earliest birth year found is 1544, the earliest death year found is 1597, and that the latest birth and death year found is 2007?


Did you know... that the longest surviving Cofrancesco in the database lived to the age of 97 (Pietro/Peter Cofrancesco, 25 May 1875 - 4 February 1973), and that the average age at death is 57?


Did you know... that the largest family had 11 children and the average family size was 2.03 children?


Nicola Cofrancesco
and his family in the USA
at the beginning of the 1900s

All of this data... and more, can be found on our web site.
So, letís keep in touch!

Warm regards,
cofrancesco.net admin



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