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Dear Friend,

Another year is gone! We have returned with a short newsletter from the Cofrancesco Family website, with some updates from the past year.

Seasons Greetings from Italy and the United States

John and I, and our wives, wish all Cofrancescos and their families
throughout the world a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Time passes so quickly. It seems like yesterday that we started  cofrancesco.net. Actually work started in February 2007. The family tree contains information on 2827 individuals dating back to 1544, including 1065 with the surname Cofrancesco. We have traced the ancestry of most Cofrancescos living in the United States to their family home of origin in Italy.  Some 200 Cofrancesco individuals immigrated to the United Stated between 1881 and 1926. Most came from Massa di Faiccchio (71) and the most common destination was New Haven, Connecticut (65).

Our site index lists the topics of Our Genealogy, Our Family, Our History, Our Towns, Our Traditions, Immigration, Food, Wine, Music, Books and DVDs. All are invited to review this information, and registered members of our Site can access the interactive Family Tree. We also list the names and email contacts of 195 Friends of the cofrancesco.net website. You may wish to exchange Seasons Greetings with some of them. In addition to Italy and the United States, the list includes people in Argentina, Australia, Denmark, France, and Peru.

If you have information relating to our site that may be of interest to our extended family please send it to pacifico.cofrancesco@unipv.it



In the last year 21 new friends registered at the Cofrancesco Family website.

Our Family website now has a total of 195 registered friends. You can see the full list here:


Site Friends

The names of the newly registered friends are followed by "(N)".

From the Site's Friends page you can contact any of our website friends.


Visitors of cofrancesco.net

In the last six years, since the website was started, cofrancesco.net has had more than 115,000 visitors, an average of more than 19,000 visitors per year, which is a very great number for a family website.

Last December 17, 2013 the visitor counter was:

Cofrancesco Family Tree

Our Family Tree on cofrancesco.net has grown a little last year. Now there are:

*    2827 individuals

*    948 families

*    497 total surnames

The most common surnames are: Cofrancesco, Lavorgna, Mattei, Ciarlo and Mongillo

Logon and browse
the Cofrancesco Family Tree:



Family Tree

Visiting the place of origin of our family


Lucy Cofrancesco Papandrea of Boston, MA, visited Massa di Faicchio, her ancestral home for the first time, on St. Nichola's Day (May 26, 2013), with her son Anthony Papandrea and Ryan Cofrancesco.

Lucy Cofrancesco Papandrea with Pacifico Cofrancesco
at Massa di Faicchio (Italy) - May 26, 2013

Last year the research about Cofrancescos slowed down a little. Some 30 individuals were added to the family tree. More research was done in the Municipal Archive of Cerreto Sannita (Italy), where a large branch of the Cofrancesco family lived, and in the State Archive of Benevento, where all the notary acts concerning the Cofrancesco who lived in the province of Benevento can be found.



The Cofrancesco Family Group on Facebook


The Cofrancesco Family now has a Facebook Group called

Cofrancesco FrontPage

At present 89 Cofrancesco friends have registered. The group has been created to give all the Cofrancescos and their relatives and friends a simple way to meet each other and exchange ideas, experiences, events, histories, and photos... It's also a way to inform our friends about updates of our web site.


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The members of the Cofrancesco FrontPage

Coming soon...


The Cofrancescos of Wilmington, Delaware

We will publish soon the story of the Cofrancescos of Wilmington, Delaware all descended from Alfonso Cofrancesco (1848-1933) who lived in Massa di Faicchio (province of Benevento, Italy).

Unfortunately, we did not receive as many contributions as expected. We will therefore tell the story from the documents we found.

However there is still time to contribute pictures and details... Please feel free to send what you have, and what you know to the following address:



The Cofrancescos of Cerreto Sannita (Italy)

Some very interesting documents about the Cofrancesco  families of Cerreto Sannita (Italy) of the 18th and 19th centuries have been found. They concern their properties, weddings, last wills, and more. A new paper about them is planned for the year 2014.

Gabriella Pacelli & cousin Marino (Maury) Cofrancesco - 1930s

Gabriella Pacelli, daugher of Filomena Cofrancesco
and James Pacelli,
and her cousin Marino Cofrancesco, in the 1930s
(Wilmington, DE)

They left us...






They left us...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014!







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