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Several Cofrancescos from the United States visited Massa di Faicchio (Italy) in the last six months. Arlene Cofrancesco Willis, her husband Michael Willis and Arlene's sister Jo-Ann Cofrancesco Walter were in Massa di Faicchio, while they were on vacation in Italy last July. Jo-Ann visited, for the first time, the place where her grand-father Clemente Cofrancesco was born and died, after he returned from the United States.


Arlene, Jo-Ann, Michael and their friend at the Monticello Restaurant of Massa di Faicchio, with the Di Leone Family and Pacifico Cofrancesco

Steven Cofrancesco, of Phoenix, Arizona, also visited Massa di Faicchio for the first time last August and you can read a report of his experience on our website.









Steven's article



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Exciting happening at Massa di Faicchio...


Archaeological digs at St. Peter's Church of Massa

Last September a second campaign of archaeological digs took place in Massa di Faicchio in the area of the ancient St. Peter's Church. The research was sponsored by the local Pro Loco of Massa di Faicchio, with the support, in particular, of Antonio Di Leone of Massa, the Municipal Administration of Faicchio, and many volunteers. For about one month, around 30 students of the Suor Orsola Benincasa University of Naples (Italy), directed by two archaeologists,  Alessia Frisetti and Daniele Ferraiuolo, and under the supervision of Prof. Federico Marazzi, of the same University, have been working there.

Daniele and Alessia are still studying the archaeological finds, and the St. Peter's Church of Massa already seems to be one of the most ancient of the area, and among the most important case studies of the region.

Some results of the present research will be published soon on a local historical revue (the "Annuario Storico dell'Associazione del Medio Volturno"), of Piedimonte Matese (Caserta, Italy).

Some very important frescoes have been found, which date back to 8th-10th century and presently are the object of a thesis of Roberta Lavorgna, of Massa di Faicchio, a student of the Suor Orsola Benincasa University.


Of note, the land where the remains of the St. Peter's Church are located, belonged to Sisto Cofrancesco for many years.




They left us...


At the end of this year 2012

we want to remember those who left us.




Joseph M. Cofrancesco (I1227), 77 years old died on

January 3, 2012 (Venice, Florida, USA)

Fiorentina Cofrancesco (I1675), 96 years old, of Massa di Faicchio (Italy) died on March 24, 2012

Frank Cofrancesco (I2063), 91 years old, of Lodi, formerly of Paterson, NJ (USA),
died on November 4, 2012





They left us...

Still working on it...


The Cofrancescos of Wilmington, Delaware

All of the Cofrancescos of Wilmington, Delaware descended from one family of Massa, whose patriarch was Alfonso Cofrancesco (1848-1933).

Many Cofrancescos were born and lived in Wiilmington, and many still live there. Some have taken a different surname, such as, Frank, or Francisco, but they all originated from the Cofrancescos of Italy.

With the cooperation of several people, we are trying to assemble all the information and photos so we can write the full story of this large branch of the Cofrancesco Family.

Anyone who wish to contribute
to this research with stories, pictures, and/or documents
can contact Pacifico Cofrancesco
at the following email address:



Alfonso Cofrancesco and his wife Maria Carmina, with the little Guido, in the 1930s

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