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We are pleased to send you this first issue of a periodic newsletter of the Cofrancesco Family web site, For a number of years we have been in the research about the Cofrancesco family, not only its origin and history but also the history of the places where the Cofrancescos have lived from the 16th century to the present, a period spanning nearly five centuries.

For more than one year on nearly a daily basis we have been adding and updating information and documents on the site. As a registered friend of our site, you probably are familiar with the contents of our web site. By the way, you can find also the full list of friends of the Cofrancesco family site here:

Friends of the site

And you can also send messages to each of them directly from our web site.

If you havenít visited the site recently, we want to announce that we have added the first of a series of papers about various aspects of the history of the Cofrancesco family. You can read and print (or download) the first paper by clicking the following link:

The Origin of the Surname Cofrancesco

In this paper you will find the results of recent research carried out in the church of S. Lorenzello (province of Benevento, Italy) and the State Archive of Benevento, which show the very special origin of our family surname.

Coming soon: A new paper will be published on our web site about the origin of the Cofrancesco family starting from the 16th century.

Donít forget to visit the Cofrancesco family tree on our web site. It has been updated in January 2008 with records of the first Cofrancescos found in the archives of the Parish Church of S. Lorenzello (Benevento, Italy). Follow this link to have a view of the family of Giovanni Donato and his first descendants, living in the second half of the 16th century and in the first half of the 17th century:

Giovanni Donato and his descendants

We would greatly appreciate receiving your contributions
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We will add or update your contributions as they are received.

A new section of our web site where you can add your own family photo albums will soon be available.

So, letís keep in touch!

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