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The Cofrancesco Family Tree Beginners Guide


Accessing Cofrancesco Family Tree

To access the Cofrancesco Family Tree you need to Login (see the Login Form, top left side of the screen).

If you don't have an account, you can freely register and you will join the Cofrancesco Family web site Friends list, having full access to all the pages of our web site, including the genealogical data. Moreover, you will receive the periodic newsletters of our web site.
  Family Tree

Family Tree Start Page
The Start Page of the Cofrancesco Family Tree

As an example of what you can find (and how) in our Family Tree, have a look to the following sections.

Looking for individuals

Follow these simple steps to learn how to look for individuals in our family tree.

  To find your name, first go to the Main Menu and select Our Genealogy.

  Then select the link Cofrancesco Family Tree. A new page will load.

  In the row of icons in the center of the page, roll your mouse over Lists. Then select Individual List.

Individual List Selection
  Now select the letter to find your surname and then select a letter to find your given name.

    Select the letter
  Select your full name and your Personal Facts and Details page should appear. You can now review all your information on the site.
  Next select any of your relatives by clicking on their name to see their Personal Facts and Details page.

  As an illustration of what is possible search for Nicola Cofrancesco (I1188) and review all that is available for him, his ancestors, and his descendants.
    Nicola Cofrancesco (I1188)
  Don't forget to see the great Charts we can create on our web site...

    Nicola Cofrancesco (I1188) - Hourglass Chart
  Now try to find yourself.

Relationship Charts

You can also find out how you are related to anyone else in the site. You will need your individual identifier (INDI), which appeared when you searched for your name, as well as the INDI of the other person.
To find your relationship to the patriarch of most Cofrancescos, Giovanni Donato Colafrancesco (I79).

  Select the Cofrancesco Family Tree, as above.

  In the row of icons in the center of the page, roll your mouse over Charts. Then select Relationship Chart.

    Select Relationship Chart
  Now simply enter your identification number (you should find yourself first in our Family Tree and get your INDI number) and the one for Giovanni Donato (I79).
Insert INDI numbers
  Select View and the chart will appear.

    Relationship Chart
Twelve generations in this case!

It is suggested that you print out a copy of this Guide and keep it handy when you are navigating the Cofrancesco Family Tree.

If you find any errors or wish to add names of other relatives, dates, a mini bio, photographs, etc. just email the information to the site administrator. We need your help to make our web site as complete and accurate as possible! Thank you.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 24 February 2009 )

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