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This web site has three main menus.

Top Menu
Main Menu
Keep in Touch! Menu

The Top Menu is located on top of the page, just below the site name. In the this menu you can find four headings.

  The front page of this web site, from where you can reach any other page.
  The page where you are now on.
  This page contains a beginner's guide for searching the Cofrancesco Family Tree.
  A page of brief bios of the individuals who have been most instrumental in contributing information and developing this site.

The Main Menu is located on the left side of the page. In this menu you can find six headings as follows.

  The front page of this web site, from where you can reach any other page.
  This section contains information and references relating to genealogy and, of most importance, a link to the Cofrancesco Family Tree, with records about more than 2000 individuals. To have full access to living persons data you can freely register here: Registration Form.
  This section contains papers on the origin of our Cofrancesco surname and the family itself. This is followed by several interesting stories about specific Cofrancescos.
  This section consists of several articles about the history of our area of origin, links to web sites pertaining to Italian Immigration to the USA, and references to books of interest on the subject.
  In this page you will find an interactive map of the region of Italy that gave birth to all Cofrancescos. Click on the towns to bring up a pull down menu with links to web sites about the towns.  Below the map you will find several short videos about the area. 
  This page contains recipes and a food festival video from our area, as well as songs, including audio recordings.

The Keep in Touch! menu is just below the Main Menu on the left side of the page. This menu contains nine topics to aid in communicating and visiting with one another.

  This page contains a copy of all of our prior periodic Newsletters, which contain current information of items of interest to our family. Information on how to subscribe to this free newsletter is also provided.
  This page contains a list of available Cofrancesco web pages.
  This page contains a directory of all who have registered with this site, and provides a means to email them.
  This page contains helpful information and links for those who would like to visit the home of our ancestors.
  This page contains information on past family reunions, and announcements of any planned for the future.
  This page contains information about the Order Sons of Italy in America, an     organization that you can join to meet with others of Italian heritage.
  A page providing means to post messages for all members to view.
  An on line chat room.
  This is our Guestbook, where you can freely write your comments, ideas, suggestions to make our family web site better and better.
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