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Our Genealogy

On our site you can browse the Cofrancesco Family tree, resulting from years of research of many of us. At present we have detailed records about more than 2200 individuals and more than 750 families, belonging to the Cofrancesco Family or strictly related to it. You can access the family tree just clicking on the Family Tree button on the right.   Family Tree
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Florence - Uffizi A Brief History of Italian Parish
and Civil Vital Records

by John A. Cofrancesco

Based on Trafford R.  Cole’s book, Italian Genealogical Records, John summarizes some fascinating information on the origin of vital record keeping in Italy and the role that Napoleon played in standardizing these valuable documents.

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Italian Genealogy
The following books provide vital information that is necessary for anyone tracing their Italian roots.  While a great deal of research of the Cofrancesco genealogy has been accomplished and is available on this web site, these references will be of assistance in interpreting and translating old records, expanding our knowledge base, and perhaps discovering how additional individuals are linked to Our Tree.
img_4124-230.jpg bullet-red-10.png  BOOK

Discovering your Italian Ancestors
by Nelson, Lynn

Betterway Books, 1997

This practical guide takes beginners step-by-step through the research process, and includes advanced tips for more experienced researchers. You’ll learn

 * General guidelines of genealogy that ensure success.
 * How to use major American records such as census and naturalization records, ship passenger lists and passport applications.
 * How to use minor American records such as family letters, church and cemetery records and newspapers.
 * How to find Italian Vital records-civil documents that record births, marriages, and deaths.
 * How to read margin notations in Italian records to learn even more about your family.
 * How to interview relatives.

This easy to use reference includes information on how to read foreign handwriting from hundreds of years ago and provides a step-by-step analysis and translation of civil and ecclesiastical records. It contains a photocopy of each of the common records in their handwritten form. Then each document is shown in modern script, but still in Italian. Finally each document is translated into English but the original format is retained so a person can quickly learn where one can find specific information in the original record under study.

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img_4125-230.jpg bullet-red-10.png  BOOK

Italian Genealogical Records
by Cole, Trafford R.

Ancestry Incorporated, 1995

This advanced text by Trafford Cole covers Italian records in extensive detail. Cole discusses the history and development of Italian record keeping, and he describes the records themselves-the civil vital records, ecclesiastical records, and others, such as notary and military records-that can be found in repositories throughout Italy, providing reproductions of typical records and a complete translation and through explanation of each. Cole also discusses the unique aspects of researching Italian sources: how to approach the task of obtaining information, wherever it may be found.  Sample letters for obtaining records through correspondence allow you to go directly to the source of the information you need. The significance of Italian surnames and the relevance of Italian noble families in the search for family history are also covered in this detailed guide.

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