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The Origin of the Cofrancesco Family
Written by Pacifico Cofrancesco   
Monday, 12 May 2008
Article Index
The Origin of the Cofrancesco Family
01. The Titerno Valley
02. The original nucleus of the Cofrancesco family
03. The first and second generation in S. Lorenzello
04. The Cofrancescos in S. Lorenzello in the 1600s
05. The main genealogical lines
06. The descendants of Giovanni Donato
07. Stato delle anime - 1714
08. Catasto Generale of S. Lorenzello - 1754 
09. Some important "missing" persons...
10. The Cofrancescos of Cerreto Sannita
11. The Cofrancescos of Massa
12. The Cofrancescos of S. Lorenzello
13. The Cofrancescos migrations
14. Epilogue
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10. The Cofrancescos of Cerreto Sannita

          So The Cofrancescos of Cerreto originated in S. Lorenzello. The first Cofrancesco who moved to Cerreto with his family, in fact, was born in S. Lorenzello.  This happened around 1740 when Lorenzo Cofrancesco, with his wife Orsula Santullo, “a Neapoli” (i.e. from Naples), moved from S. Lorenzello to Cerreto with their first five children.

          It is not known why they moved to the city. It was probably related to Lorenzo’s profession, which, unfortunately we do not know because the move occurred just before the compilation of the Catasto of S. Lorenzello and in the Catasto of Cerreto the section relative to people whose name is starting with "L" is missing. Anyway we have confirmed his origin and subsequent migration from records of the baptism of five of his children born in S. Lorenzello and two born later in Cerreto.


S. Lorenzello – Rua District (Contrada sopra la Rua)
S. Lorenzello – Rua District (Contrada sopra la Rua), seen from the Square (Piazza),
where the family of Lorenzo and other Cofrancescos lived.
Mt. Erbano is in the background

          Lorenzo Cofrancesco was born in S. Lorenzello on 30 June 1705 to Francesco and Giulia Rubbano.  His father Francesco was born also in S. Lorenzello and was the son of Lorenzo and Antonia Farelli. We can only hypothesize about the parents and date of birth of this last Lorenzo. Since it could be contradicted by some new documents, we will not say anything about it at present. Anyway one fact is certain; that the Cofrancescos of Cerreto originated only in S. Lorenzello. Moreover, from the documents in the parish archive of Cerreto, we found that all the Cofrancescos of Cerreto have their common origin in the children of Lorenzo and Orsola Santullo.

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