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The 2010 "Frank" Reunion

On September 25, 2010 the descendants of Marco Cofrancesco met in Wilmington, DE for a family reunion. Some of them met for the first time. The two living daughters of Marco, Anne and Martha were present to the reunion, together with many Marco's grandchildren. Thanks to John Kaye (son of Martha Cofrancesco Kempczynski and grandson of Marco) for the news about the event, the photos, and the information about Marco's descendants recently added to our Family Tree (after Login, see Marco Cofrancesco , I0413).

Frank Reunion 2010 (Click to enlarge)
  Wilmington, DE - September 2010
The "Frank" Family, descendants of Marco Cofrancesco

Alphonse Cofrancesco, son of Marco, changed his surname to "Frank",
but they still remember to be Cofrancescos.
Top row, from left to right:
1.    Bob, husband of Peggy Frank
       (Alphonse Frank/Cofrancesco’s daughter)
2.    Bob Frank (Alphonse Frank/Cofrancesco’s son)
3.    Donald Frank (Alphonse/Cofrancesco’s son)

Middle row, from left to right:
1.    Tom Kaye (Martha Cofrancesco’s son)
2.    Charles “Cookie” Dougherty (Ann Cofrancesco’s son)
3.    Joe Kempczynksi (Martha Cofrancesco’s son)
4.    Peggy Frank (Alphonse Frank/Cofrancesco’s daughter)
5.    Linda Frank (Alphonse Frank/Cofrancesco’s daughter)
6.    Mike, Linda’s husband
7.    Susan, Billy Frank’s wife
8.    Billy Frank

Front row, from left to right:
1.    Cassy Hazewski (Mary Cofrancesco Stevenson’s
2.    Joanne (Petey) (Dougherty) Christopher (Anne
       Cofrancesco’s daughter)
3.    Donna (Dougherty) Casapulla (Anne Cofrancesco’s


Steven Kempczynski (son of Joseph), Petey (Dougherty) Christopher & daughter Linda
with husband Bob Moore, their cousin-in-law Steve Burdett married to Kim
daughter of Donna Dougherty Casapulla


John Kempczynski (Kaye) meeting cousin Linda Frank for 1st time
and mother Martha Kempczynski with Joseph (Butchie) Dougherty


Anne (Cofrancesco) Dougherty & sister Martha (Cofrancesco) Kempczynski


Cass Hazewski, daughter of Mary Cofrancesco Stevenson,
with Aunt Martha & cousin Donna Dougherty Casapulla


Linda Frank & sister-in-law Judy Frank (wife to Donald) husband Mike, son Mike with wife

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 10 November 2010 )
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