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Our Traditions

In this section you will find articles about American and Italian holiday traditions, in locations where Cofrancescos live.    


The "maitunata" of Massa
by Pacifico Cofrancesco

As punctual as usual, the so-called "maitunata" (a word of uncertain origin) opened this year’s New Year's Day of Massa, with the organizational support of the local Pro Loco association.

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William Bradford
The History of the American Thanksgiving Day Celebration
by John A. Cofrancesco

I have been asked to write a brief paper for our Cofrancesco web site on the American tradition of celebrating a day we call Thanksgiving. Just as we in America may have only a vague understanding of National Holidays celebrated in other countries, our relatives in Italy may desire to know more about this special day.

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Saint Nicholas, the Saint of the people of Massa
by Pacifico Cofrancesco

The devotion to Saint Nicholas in Massa di Faicchio (Benevento, Italy) dates back many centuries. Before the present church was built and dedicated to this Saint in 1693, there was an ancient church called “San Nicola Vecchio” (“Old Saint Nicholas”) which was destroyed in the earthquake of 1688. Only some small walls and tombs remain today. So the devotion to Saint Nicholas started long ago, and remains very strong today.

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